Google Cloud Computing Platform Cost & Subscription Plans

Google Cloud Computing Platform Cost & Subscription Plans: Google Cloud Computing platform is one of the leading cloud computing solutions on the internet. It is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform that easily integrates with a wide range of Linux distros as well as Windows server machines.

Google Cloud Computing Platform Cost & Subscription Plans

While the Google Cloud Computing platform might not be as robust as other big names such as AWS or Azure, it is the best in terms of security, thanks to its zero-knowledge encryption policy.

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On top of that, this service is powered by the same internal research and expertise that has been powering the giant Google Search engine throughout these years.

In addition to that, GCP has played a significant role in developing various open-source technologies, including the most popular open-source orchestration project, Kubernetes, and the end-to-end machine learning platform, TensorFlow.

Google Cloud Computing Platform Cost

The pricing model of the Google Cloud Computing platform is a bit more complex than others which often makes users overpay for the services.

But the good thing about the service is that it is filled with dozens of combinable discount plans and premium add-ons that make the Google Cloud Computing platform overall competitively priced.

The best thing about the Google Cloud Computing platform is that it boasts a pay-as-you-go pricing model and bills per-second basis. This basically means you will only be paying for the services and resources you have used.

If you are willing to opt for a long-term commitment such as a one or three-year term, you can expect the best deal, and the overall cost would be much less compared to on-demand services.

However, one thing you need to remember is that these commitment plans cannot be canceled, unlike on-demand instances.

If you are confused about whether the Google Cloud Computing platform would be the right fit for your needs, you can opt for the 90 days free trial plan. With this free trial plan, you get a $300 credit for 90 days which can be used across all Google Cloud services.

Google Cloud Computing Platform Subscription Plans

Google Cloud Platform offers a wide range of subscription plans categorized in a wide range of categories.

Here, we have covered the most popular Shared-core virtual machines category –

Shared-core Virtual Machines

These are the cheapest instances offered by the Google Cloud Platform. With these instances, you will be sharing computing resources with other GCP users, and therefore, you may not get the best performance.

However, these instances are quite powerful and can be the perfect fit for small projects.

Google Cloud Computing offers three different plans to choose from for Shared-core Virtual Machines –


This is the cheapest plan that gives you access to 0.25v CPU cores which can be burst to up to 2vCPUs at times but isn’t guaranteed and is not reliable. Besides that, you get 1 GB of RAM, which is sufficient to run a multi-page website with decent traffic but might not be enough for a CMS such as WordPress reliably, especially if you get a lot of traffic.

This plan will cost you around $0.008 per hour or $6.11 monthly if you opt for an on-demand service. However, if you go for a one-year commitment, the pricing will reduce to 0.005 per hour or $3.85 per month, while for a three-year commitment, the pricing will further reduce to 0.003$ per hour or $2.75 per month.

While this instance wouldn’t be a good choice for mission-critical projects, you can use it to test your prototypes, static websites, and even a CMS as long as it doesn’t start generating hefty traffic.


Similar to e2-micro, it is also a shared instance, but it is robust enough to manage a WordPress blog with a good amount of traffic reliably. It gives you 0.5 vCPU cores and 2 GB of RAM, which is good enough to run any CMS site that gets a good amount of traffic.

The pricing starts at $12.23 a month or $0.016 per hour, but you can get it for as low as $7.7 a month with a one-year commitment and $5.5 a month with a three-year commitment.


The last plan in the shared-core Virtual Machines is e2-medium. It gives you 4 GB of RAM and 1 vCPU core, which can be burst out to 2 vCPUs for 120 seconds.

The pricing of these instances starts at $24.46 a month or $0.03 per hour, which can be reduced to $15.41 if you opt for a one year plan and $11.01 if you opt for a three-year commitment.

Even though e2-medium is quite powerful and can be used for a variety of web applications, I don’t often recommend it. That is because e2-small offers great performance for any medium-level web application.

If you need more computing resources, I would rather recommend opting for the dedicated general-purpose virtual machines offered by Google Cloud Platform or any other cloud computing platform.

Closing Comments

There you have it – a detailed article covering Google Cloud Computing platform cost and subscription plans.

Google Cloud Platform offers a wide range of compute engines; therefore, the pricing of these varies based on the configuration you opt for. For example, shared-core virtual machines are quite reasonably priced compared to other cloud computing services.

On the flip side, general-purpose or compute-optimized machines offer the best performance but are costly.

To wrap it up, I can say that Google Cloud Computing is competitively priced but only for those who are familiar with working on unmanaged cloud instances. GCP isn’t suited to beginners, and the technical support is quite expensive.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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